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Preserving our environment while feeding the world has been our driving passion. Atlantic Sapphire re-defines sustainability standards to ensure we are always going above and beyond.

Today, the food sector is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our world. A greener planet begins with ocean-safe, sustainable seafood that keeps oceans blue and the planet green. And that’s exactly what we do.

At Atlantic Sapphire, we’re passionate about the sustainable, bio-secure environment we’ve created with our innovative Bluehouse. Bluehouses are better for fish, for people, and for the planet we all share, compared to some other sources of protein.



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Planet Positive

We distribute salmon without the need for air freight and as a result, can reach our eaters with a lower carbon footprint.

Local Industry

We’re proud to provide green jobs and grow a sustainable industry in Florida. Atlantic Sapphire hires the local workforce and trains individuals with knowledge in engineering, technology, construction, processing and much more.

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Efficiency Experts

Herd animals need 3 lb of feed for every 1 lb of protein harvested. Salmon are super growers – around 1 lb of food results in 1 lb of growth in these fish.

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Ocean Safe

We protect wild fish populations by skipping the fish wastes, escapees, hormones, parasites, and antibiotics used in some sea-based fish farming. Our Bluehouses reduce pressures on the coastal environment while producing ocean safe seafood.

Hello Water Conservation

Our advanced recirculating aquaculture systems mean we use 99% recycled and filtered water, and release no harmful toxins into our oceans.

Goodbye plastics

If there’s plastic in the animals we eat, pretty soon there’s plastic in us. Bluehouse waters — and the fish we raise there — swim in waters free of microplastics.

Fish friendly

No predators, no parasites, no diseases. Our deep tanks are crystal clear, perfect salinated, and mimic wild conditions for well-being at each stage of growth.

Select schools

We give our salmon cold currents to swim against and room range with a ratio of 95% water, 5% fish — though their natural social behavior is to school together.

Farm freshness

We place our Bluehouse close to eaters, getting our fish to your house at blazing speeds for exacting quality control and freshness you can taste.

Full transparency

Bluehouse-raised salmon are fully traceable, egg to plate. That means you’ll always know where your salmon is coming from when you choose our brand.

Space savers

We can raise and process 1 billion salmon meals each year, once we’re at scale, that’s enough to feed the largest salmon market in the world — in 393,000 square feet. That’s just 9 acres, folks!

UN Global

In 2019, Atlantic Sapphire joined the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative. As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, we commit to implementing 10 UN Global Compact principles in the areas of environment, human rights, labor, and anti-corruption throughout our operation.

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Our ESG Report

In addition to our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we vow to make conscious operating decisions in accordance with internationally recognized sustainability principles. As we grow, Atlantic Sapphire will report environmental, social, and governance goals and performance, annually. Learn more in our Annual & ESG Report.

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