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Our Fish Don't Fly

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To raise exquisite salmon,
we first had to invent the fish
farm of the future.

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Next, we placed our innovation near
the most appreciative seafood
eaters in the world.

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Now, we deliver ocean-safe salmon across North America and Europe with our local-to-you brands. Enjoy!


These are our attributes

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No Antibiotics
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Hormone Free
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Heart Healthy
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Ocean Safe
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Planet Friendly
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Proud to innovate in the sunshine state. Discover all natural, fresh sushi-grade salmon that’s heart healthy, ocean-safe, and USA-raised the Bluehouse way. Our salmon’s rich, mild buttery flavor pairs well with everything. From fresh fillets, lox, and sashimi to smoked salmon and pre-made meals, we make it easy to put salmon on the table.

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Sapphire Salmon logo dark version

Indulge in something exquisite. Give yourself permission to indulge. Sapphire salmon comes to European eaters strikingly fresh from cold, Bluehouse currents we keep in Hvide Sande, Denmark. Vibrant colour. Omega-rich marbling. Mild, buttery sweetness.

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Want to carry our brands?

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