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At Atlantic Sapphire, our vision is to nourish both people and planet with sustainable, ocean-safe seafood — and we’ve brought that vision to life.

We believe innovative aquaculture has the power to transform the way people think, shop, cook, and eat all over the world.


We are farmers at heart

Atlantic Sapphire’s mission is to innovate fish farming locally to impact protein production globally. We are passionate about our work because we love our oceans, our planet, and the people that make it our home.


This is our heritage

18th Century
Early fertilization trials can be traced back to Europe
19th Century
First hatcheries established in Europe and North America.
Commercial salmon farming well-established in Norway, Scotland, Chile, and Canada.
Johan Andreassen and Bjorn-Vegard Lovik pioneer the use of cleaner fish for natural sea lice prevention in Norwegian sea pen salmon farming.
Johan and Bjorn-Vegard found Villa Organic, the first Norwegian organic salmon farming company.
Aquaculture tops fishing in worldwide supply of salmon.
Johan and Bjorn-Vegard found Atlantic Sapphire to improve on learnings from Villa Organic, and to solve for the carbon footprint associated with salmon imported by air.
Partnering with Danish recirculation aquaculture expert, Thue Holm, Johan and Bjorn-Vegard open the first Bluehouse in Hvide Sande, Denmark.
Based on ideal aquaculture conditions, the perfect location for the US Bluehouse is found: Homestead, Florida.
Our Bluehouse is in Homestead, Florida breaks ground. It's officially under construction.
Atlantic Sapphire's first American salmon eggs are being cared for in our Florida Bluehouse.
Our Hvide Sande Bluehouse has produced more than 25 generations of salmon to date.
We are now selling Bluehouse Salmon into Canada and across the US.
Americans can now enjoy locally and sustainably produced salmon fresh from our Bluehouse in Homestead, Florida.

Innovation & technology

Blue is the new green

We started building our first Bluehouse in the small village of Hvide Sande, Denmark. Since then, we invented and refined our technology — and raised exquisite salmon in the process.

Traditional sea-based fish farming requires constant transportation to and from multiple locations before protein lands on consumer plates. But our fish are born, raised, and processed in one place. And we’ve placed our Bluehouses in the largest salmon markets in the world.

Today, we produce ocean-safe, sustainable seafood at our Bluehouse in Homestead, Florida. Our local-to-you brand delivers sustainable, ocean-safe salmon across North America.

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These are our


Purpose. Dedication. Courage.

We have the passion and courage to build the future of fish farming, now.

We are always eager to learn.

Initiative. Collaboration. Results.

We show initiative in our work achieve results through collaboration.

Alone we go fast, together we go further.

Open Communication. Care.

We are accountable for our work.

We speak up to solve problems because we care.

Continuous Improvement.
Solutions. Learning.

When we make a promise, we deliver on that promise.

We focus on the solution, not the problem.

Healthy Fish. Wellness.
Sustainable Planet.

Healthy fish are at the heart of what we do.

We care for people, fish and the planet.
The challenge
The solution
The strategy
The future
The challenge
How can we feed a warming world filled with protein-hungry people?

Today, the global food system generates up to one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gasses. When human eating habits over-index beef, lamb, pork, and poultry, too many forests are cleared for farmland, too much methane is released into the atmosphere, and too many fossil fuels are burned to produce fertilizers, run farm equipment, and ship food around the globe.

Meanwhile, seafood protein consumption is rising. Wild fish populations are overfished and can’t absorb new demand. Sea-based fish farming offers answers, but some can still pressure our oceans by releasing, antibiotics, parasites, and escapees into wild waters. And when 80% of salmon consumed in the US — the world’s largest salmon market — is imported, the carbon footprint remains a heavy tread.

the solution_image@2x
The solution
To nourish both people and planet, we invented the fish farm of the future.

We set out to feed the world with sustainable seafood that keeps our oceans blue and our planet green. With innovative aquaculture, we raise fish on land, far from wild waters. We call our invention a Bluehouse — a bio-secure space where we raise fish at optimal conditions for animal health and welfare, and with a focus on sustainability.

Beef and other herd animals need 3 lb. of grain for every 1 lb. of meat produced. Salmon are much more efficient growers: just 1 lb of food results in 1 lb of growth in these fish. Plus, the acreage needed to raise our salmon is much less than it takes to raise herd animals, and our fish farming operation produces no methane.

Electricity is the main form of energy used in our Bluehouses, which means our CO2 emissions can be reduced and controlled more readily than other forms of agriculture. In our Denmark facility, more than 50% of our net electricity is from renewable sources. We hope to follow suit in our Florida facility.

the strategy_image@2x
The strategy
Building local brands and supporting environments to stay planet-positive.

Our Bluehouses are 95% water, 5% fish. In the cold currents of our land-based Bluehouses, our salmon swim healthy, happy, and stress-free — safe from predators, parasites, and other diseases. And we can trace every fish we raise from egg to plate.

Getting from farm to fork is one of the ways we innovate to stay eco-positive. We’ve developed our local-to-you brands by placing our Bluehouses close to the biggest salmon markets in the world. Reaching eaters in the US and Europe by truck — not by air — gets us to the table faster, fresher, and at a fraction of imported salmon’s carbon footprint.

Pioneering an industry since 2011, Atlantic Sapphire brands strive for minimal impact on our earth and climate. In 2020, we launched Bluehouse Salmon, raising fish in the world’s largest Bluehouse in the unique ecology of Homestead, Florida. We also launched our European brand, Sapphire Salmon, with select schools raised exclusively in our Bluehouse in Hvide Sande, Denmark.

the future_image@2x
The future
Striving to re-think wastes and empower the circular economy.

Our focus on sustainability will continue to make our salmon the most planet-friendly protein possible. We’re looking for new ways to feed our fish with sustainable sources. Our advanced water systems mean we use 99% recycled and filtered water, and release no harmful toxins into ocean waters. Our fish swim in water free of microplastics, and our process contributes no microplastics to wild waters. We’ve worked to reduce the use of plastics in our supply chain, and will launch biodegradable packing in 2020.

Our all natural fish wastes are continuously filtered from Bluehouse waters, then processed for reuse as fertilizers. Our fish trimmings and by-products can be processed into fish oils and protein powders. We’re excited to form relationships with traditional agriculture partners who can benefit from our upcycled fish wastes.

Our passion for this work is fed by the performance of our company and our brands. In our drive to nourish happy customers with healthy proteins, Atlantic Sapphire will never stop until we’ve fine-tuned every aspect of our operation, and spread green innovation around the world.


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