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Made In The USA - Fresh From Florida

From 2020: Product of the United States of America


Atlantic Sapphire is pioneering Bluehouse® salmon farming, locally, and transforming protein production, globally.

Our Bluehouses are bio-secure spaces where we raise Atlantic salmon at optimal conditions of animal health and welfare.

Our revolutionary technology allows us to farm salmon outside the ocean, letting wild aquatic species thrive and protecting our fish from external factors, parasites and other diseases.

Land-based salmon farming technology is emerging as one of the solutions to bridge the existing gap between a global increasing demand of salmon and a stagnant supply limited by geographical and environmental limitations.

We are world’s pioneers in this field as we have been operating our innovation center in Denmark since 2011 with a strong focus on R&D and innovation.

We have the knowledge, expertise and technology to scale up production in end markets closer to consumers, therefore eliminating our contribution to the generation of carbon emissions associated with airfreight.

We are currently building the world’s largest Bluehouse in Homestead, Florida, a location that we have identified as ideal for large-scale Bluehouse salmon farming.

The first phase of our project is nearing completion, and we will be delivering Florida-grown Atlantic salmon to US consumers for the first time in history since 2020.

Follow along to see our progress!

Atlantic Sapphire moves smolt to saline-water tanks in Miami

October, 2019


The Atlantic Sapphire team successfully transferred its first batch of Atlantic salmon from fresh to saline water sourced directly from the Floridan Aquifer.

This milestone brings us a step closer to the first harvest of Atlantic salmon in our Miami Bluehouse, scheduled for the third quarter of 2020.

Atlantic Sapphire Miami completes first transfer to first-feeding phase

January, 2019

Two batches of Atlantic salmon were transferred from the company’s hatchery in Miami to the first feed stage at the Miami Bluehouse.

The transfer occurred two months after introducing the first live eggs of Atlantic salmon for commercial production in Florida for the first time in history.

Atlantic Sapphire stocks first salmon eggs in Miami, Florida

November, 2018


Atlantic Sapphire stocked its first batch of Atlantic salmon eggs in its Miami Bluehouse.

A total of 800,000 live salmon eggs were introduced to the company’s hatchery marking a milestone for Atlantic Sapphire USA.

“The introduction of 800,000 eggs in the newly constructed, Miami-based Bluehouse hatchery marks an important milestone for the company and for the most environmentally sustainable salmon production method to serve the growing U.S. market.”

Did you know that:

90% of the Atlantic salmon consumed in America is imported

Seafood is the second largest contributor to the American trade deficit in commodities

Twice the current supply will be needed by 2050

Most of the fresh salmon sold in America is flown in; airfreight has a massive carbon footprint

Atlantic Sapphire will raise fish in Bluehouses in the continental United States providing:

Local economic impact and tax contribution

In excess of 20,000 implied American jobs by 2026

A fresher product made in the USA

A healthy, sustainable, locally produced protein

Lower carbon footprints

Atlantic Sapphire takes pride in hiring veterans