Our Story

The Journey To Our Creation

Atlantic Sapphire was founded in 2010 by Norwegian salmon entrepreneurs Johan Andreassen and Bjorn-Vegard Lovik. Andreassen and Lovik pioneered the use of cleanerfish in Norway in the 1990s as a natural way of fighting sea lice in net pen salmon farming

Using cleanerfish instead of pesticides, they built Villa Organic, the first Norwegian organic salmon farming company

Johan (left) and Bjorn-Vegard (right), pictured in front of the boat house where it all started

Although Villa Organic was considered the leading sustainable salmon farming company in Norway, the founders envisioned an even better alternative

Atlantic Sapphire was founded as a result of the lessons learnt in Villa Organic, along with a vision to continue to lead the salmon farming industry towards a more sustainable future

One of the main realizations was that no matter how sustainable the farming methods are, salmon farmers still have to fly the fish across the globe in non sustainable packaging while emitting a massive carbon footprint in order to deliver to end markets, such as the United States

They partnered up with Danish recirculation aquaculture expert, Thue Holm, and decided to create a commercial pilot of a Bluehouse in Denmark to innovate a concept and a technology that would eliminate the need to use net pens in remote areas

The Bluehouse in Hvide Sande, Denmark has been operating since 2011 and has produced over 25 generations of Atlantic salmon to date

Simultaneously, Andreassen and Lovik were working on the main project: identitying the perfect location to build a full-scale Bluehouse in the continental United States, as it is the world's largest market for salmon, of which 90% is imported

After an extensive search that included 14 states, the perfect location was found: Homestead, Florida

South Florida seems like an odd choice, but there are important reasons why it is the perfect location, including the water infrastructure. Read about why we picked this location in our Bluehouse section

By the summer of 2020, Americans will be able to enjoy locally and sustainably produced salmon, Fresh From Florida®