The BluehouseTM

Blue Is The New Green

Atlantic Sapphire salmon is raised in a revolutionary BluehouseTM - the equivalent of a Greenhouse where fish are given ideal conditions to thrive
BluehouseTM Denmark - transformed salmon farming forever

Our state of the art BluehouseTM, located in the small village of Hvide Sande, was the first of its kind when built in 2011. This commercial pilot facility demonstrated the ability to raise Atlantic salmon without the use of net pens in open water. Our proven technology will allow raising salmon closer to the end consumer

An unique environment ideal for salmon

Inside the BluehouseTM, the water is continuously purified to remain crystal clear by a state of the art filtration system. Furthermore, the fish are free to swim against strong currents, as they do in the wild

Atlantic Sapphire salmon will never have contact with sea lice or be exposed to wild fish diseases. This allows them to grow strong and healthy in a humane way

The waste generated in our BluehouseTM is used as fertilizer and creation of renewable energy in the form of biogas

The Miami Bluehouse has an unique water source bringing a new level of purity to the product

Our water source is naturally purified through limestone rock in a sustainable ancient artesian aquifer 

The water is more than 20,000 years old and has never been exposed to man-made contamination such as microplastics

Water is a precious resource that should be used responsibly; we recycle 99% of the water

We use mostly salt water and help preserve the Florida source of drinking water

The end result matters

These ideal conditions ensure that our salmon arrives to your kitchen table or restaurant plate with the highest quality - and the lowest environmental impact

BluehouseTM Miami - Coming in 2020

The Miami BluehouseTM will bring production of Atlantic salmon close to the consumer in America, ensuring a fresher and better salmon than ever before. Moreover, it removes the need for airfreight that generates large carbon footprints. The Miami Bluehouse will also bring significant amounts of jobs for Americans and tax contribution